2016 Wedding Photography Review – Part Six

2016 Wedding Photography Review – 27 weddings reviewed so far, nearly half way!  I love to show off my favourite photos from each wedding but it would take me forever to blog each one.  This is the reason for the reviews; a quick snapshot from every wedding that I cover during the year.

Once again, I’m focussing on the documentary style with these posts.  For me, my day generally consists of around 95% observational photography, 5% posed.  I much prefer capturing the day in a natural manner as opposed to directing it.

Here are another four weddings from 2016 for you to enjoy!  Katie and Will had a gorgeous wedding at Hellens Manor in Much Marcle.  Jodie and Jon’s day was held at The Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury.  Jess and Sean celebrated their wedding at The Great Tythe Barn.  I made the trip to Dewsall Court near Hereford for Kate and Mathew’s big day.

2016 Wedding Photography Review

Bride posing with bridesmaids

Close up of wedding shoes

Groom and Best Man Talking

Bride and Groom amongst flowers

Bridesmaid laughing with bride

Groom waiting for brides arrival

Laughing during wedding speeches

Great Tythe Barn Outdoor Wedding

Family photos at weddings

2016 Wedding Photography Review

Dewsall Court Snooker Table

Wedding Dress Hanging

Wedding Shoes on Window

Funny Bouquet Toss

You will notice that the Great Tythe Barn features a lot in my reviews!  I’m very honoured to be a recommended supplier there, so if you are getting married at the barn and love what I do then drop me a line via my contact page, it would be great to hear about your wedding!

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