Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer!

One of my pet hates are websites that deliberately give vague details of the services they provide.  When I’m shopping around for products or services I want to know what I’m getting, I don’t want to have to telephone someone to be put on hold for ten minutes, or fill out a stack of online questions that still won’t result in getting the answers I want!

With this in mind, you can see I make a point of detailing the answers to a lot of frequently asked questions!  The key FAQ’s can be found on my main wedding page by clicking here, but I’ve also posted a few specific questions in this blog post to help clarify a few points.

Are you a full time photographer?  Yes, photography is my full time job.  In my opinion it would be impossible to provide the highest level of service if I was unable to dedicate 100% of my time to my photography business.  Newlyweds quite rightly expect their images to be processed and made available within a reasonable time frame, processing shouldn’t be squeezed around other work commitments.

Do you offer discounts?  I’m sure you have visited many photography websites and have no doubt been collared by lots of pesky photographers at wedding fairs; if you have then you will know my fee is already exceptionally competitive for the service I provide.  With that in mind, and to remain fair to all the fantastic couples who book my services, I’m afraid my price is fixed.

You say we receive processed images.  What do you mean by ‘processed’ images?  The photos you will receive are ‘tweaked’ with my processing style; my ‘brand’ if you like.  It’s nothing too over the top; no harsh vignettes, no horrible fake soft focus and certainly no selective colouring.  I keep the image true to the original photograph, I just add a little sharpness, adjust the contrast and try to ensure that the images look consistent throughout the day.

Do we get the images in black and white and colour?  I like to mix up the collection with a selection of colour images and black and white images.  Some shots simply look better in black and white, some look better in colour.  I’m a pretty good judge at picking out which works best 😉

What format are the images in?  I supply the images in a JPG format. None of your photographs will have my logo or business branding on them.   They are the full sized high resolution versions.

You say we can order prints and canvases from the wedding online.  Do you print them?  No, I don’t print them personally.  When you order prints, canvases and frames the whole process is fulfilled by one of the leading print labs in the UK.  You simply select the images you wish to purchase, complete the sale using a credit card or PayPal; and the products will be delivered directly to your door.  Sharing the online gallery with your guests allows them to download and order prints for themselves.

I keep reading about copyright restrictions.  What does this mean?  It all sounds very scary, but it’s not really.  Copyright law simply states the person who took the photograph owns the usage rights to the photo; the photographer will then provide other people with a licence to use the image.  For example, if you took a ‘selfie’ on your iPhone holding a bottle of Coke on top of Mount Everest and Coca Cola wanted to use that image for advertising they would need to request a licence from you (the copyright holder) to legally print or share the image.  I want as many of your friends and family to enjoy viewing your wedding pictures as possible, and as such I provide licence for you to print and share your photos.  The confusion arises with wedding photographers suggesting they are offering images ‘copyright free’; they aren’t actually handing over the copyright to the bride and groom.  If they did relinquish the copyright they would need to formally request your permission whenever those images are posted on their website, blog or used at wedding fairs.

What kit do you use?  I love it when people ask me geeky camera questions (I am a self confessed photo nerd!).  I shoot with two Sony A9 cameras, a Sony A7iii and a selection of prime lenses (18mm, 28mm, 35mm, 55mm, 85mm and 135mm).  I work with prime lenses as they provide beautifully sharp images of the subjects that I am shooting and delicious blurry backgrounds, you’ll often hear that referred to as bokeh.  I choose to work with Sony mirrorless cameras as it means I can shoot in complete silence, it keeps the registrars and clergy happy as I don’t distract them during the ceremony.

Do you work alone?  Yes.  It means I take full responsibility to achieve the shots you have asked me to capture.  More importantly, it allows your guests to relax and not feel like they are being stalked from every angle by a herd of photographers following their every move!

Do we need to feed you?!  I never turn down a meal if one is kindly offered!  I make no formal requirements for food but if you are going to put some grub in front of me then let me know beforehand and I’ll leave my Power Rangers lunchbox at home! 😉

Do you shoot group photos? I do, but as anybody who attends a wedding will testify, it is generally the part of the day everyone dreads!  I recommend keeping the number of formal group shots to an absolute minimum; if everyone is quick at getting into place then we can rattle through the standard groups listed below in about 20 minutes.

Bride alone
Bride with bridesmaids
Bride & Groom with bridesmaids
Bride & Groom with both sets of parents
Bride & Groom with grandparents
Bride & Groom with best man and ushers
Groom with best man and ushers
Groom with best man
Groom alone
Bride & Groom together
Bride & Groom with entire wedding party